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Why we do it

                     Just like you, we are a group of individuals who each wants to help

Each one of us realized at some point that we could do better than other advisors out there.  We each have seen too many cases of advisors taking advantage of their clients. And in some cases those clients were our family and friends.  So we truly put your best interest first.  That means that we serve each client with a customized experience.  No two families are the same, and the solutions should not be cookie-cutter and applied to all. 

our success is determined by how confident you are in your finanical situation.

Our History

Our History

Hawthorne Capital Wealth Advisors is the combination of Hawthorne Financial and The Capital Group as of January 2023.  We have advisors who have been helping clients since the 1970's. Each advisor has a unique story and path to HCWA, and we all have the same common desire to help.  

Our Values

Our Values

We are a mix of religions that believe living a life of integrity, kindness, and service to others while having a good laugh is the key to happiness.

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