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Our Process

We use a clear, easy-to-understand planning approach to preserving, enhancing and withdrawing so you clearly know where you are and where you're going. 

You'll know why we invest where we invest, how we're performing and how much we charge. 

7 step Planning process

7 step Planning process

1. Understanding Your Personal and Financial         Circumstances.

2. Identifying and Selecting Goals.

3. Analyzing Your Current Course of Action and Potential       Alternative Course(s) of Action.

4. Developing the Financial Planning Recommendation(s).

5. Presenting the Financial Planning Recommendation(s).

6. Implementing the Financial Planning Recommendation(s).

7. Monitoring Progress and Updating.

In simple terms

In simple terms

1. We meet to get to know each other and collect information.

2. We discuss what is important to you now, and possibly in     the future.

3. We create multiple potential scenarios to identify the best   options.

4. We develop the plan together.

5. We review the plan for accuracy and verification.

6. We implement the plan, we both will have action items.

7. We communicate quarterly at a minimum and as needed in between to check on progress and make adjustments as needed. 

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