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Insurance & protecting Your family

"WHAT IF .... such and such happens?" Hypothetical scenarios are not fun to think about, and hopefully they don't happen.

"I WISH ... I had bought the right insurance." Is what you will say if the unlikely and unthinkable does occur. 

A foundational and ongoing step toward financial security is to think through what might happen in your personal or business life. Whatever goals that may be established, there needs to be a focused search for an intelligent and cost appropriate solution in managing the risk.

Life Insurance as a planning tool for family and wealth protection.

It’s a fact that unexpected events will occur during your business and personal life. Your business can experience record years as well as unexpected downturns. Changes in tax law and legislation require you and your team to be vigilant and nimble. Jobs and career opportunities may come and go, and health issues demand recovery and resources. Any of these situations can pose personal and financial challenges for your business and your family.

While you can’t necessarily prevent the unexpected from happening, you can protect yourself financially. That’s why our clients consider life insurance as the risk-management foundation of their business and personal financial security plan.

Best known for paying a death benefit to beneficiaries, life insurance has many options that can also meet multiple needs during your life. It can be used to guaranty business continuation via stock redemption, provide funds to replace a key employee, offer incentives to employees to attract and retain highly talented people and even provide a supplementary retirement plan for key employees and stockholders. It has the ability to pay a long term care benefit. When properly structured it can become a corporately funded method of paying future estate tax liability at pennies on the dollar, income and estate tax free.

The highly experienced Advisors at Hawthorne Capital can explain how life insurance can be used to help manage financial risk and design a customized cost effective smart solutions.

Life insurance is frequently the foundation of any sound financial security plan and the critical foundation for controlling risks. It is also a tool that must be evaluated and selected based on your individual circumstances. The Advisors at Hawthorne Capital provide the expertise and guidance to help you determine the solutions that will best meet your needs.

Additional risk management tools which we can expertly assist our clients with include long term care, insuring your future insurability and long term disability benefits to name a few. We look forward to assisting you with an assessment of your risk related issues.

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